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Descriptive text

Descriptive text is describe a particular person, place or thing (Rudi Hartono, 2005 : 6). The purpose of a descriptive text is to tell about the subject by describing its features without including personal opinion. There are important parts in descriptive text that must be taught as follows :

a.       Social function
The function of descriptive text is to give information. Contextual factor or social context of this text is describing things. Can be person, animal, or place (a specific thing like our friends, or person who we know them well). The social function of descriptive text is to describe a particular person, place, or thing (Rudi Hartono, 2005:206)

b.      Generic structure
The genric structures of descriptive texts are identification and description which identifies the person, place, or thing to be described and description which describe parts, qualities and characteristics (Hartono, 2005: 7).

               The Generic Structure of Descriptive Text:
Ø  Identification: identifying the phenomenon to be described.
Ø  Description: describing the phenomenon in parts, qualities, or/and characteristics.
A typical descriptives text has an opening paragraph introducting the subject of the description; followed by a series of paragraph, each describing one feature of the subject. There can be also a final concluding section that signals the and the description.

c.       Language features
The linguistic features of descriptive texts are focused on specific participants, use of attributive and identifyng process, frequent use epithets and classifier in nominal groups (Hartono, 2005: 9). The vocabularies, which are often used in descriptive texts are words that are related to name of place: location, purpose, beneficial, presentation, and evidence of today, which are needed (for building). For animals, the words which are used arew words which describe clasification, presentation, habitat, behavior, life cycle and beneficial. Language, which is used the neutral objective language
Descriptive texts often used one of the forms be: present or past, and one of the forms have. Tenses which are often use are present tense, but sometimes past if there are things, which are described had lost (nothing again). Passive forms are often used too. Describe texts are often completed with photo, diagram, map, etc.  

      Action Verb
      She drinks a glass of milk every day.
      Simple present tens
       I have a favorite teacher.
       Ayu is beautiful woman.
      Relating Verb (It gives the information about the subject)
      Yoona is a Korean actress.
      Joko has a popular name in campus, Ahmed.

Example of Descriptive Text


Identification :
His full name is Entis Sutisna. People call him Sule. He is a famous comedian in Indonesia. Sule was born on 15 November 1976 in Bandung, West Java. He speaks Sundanese fluently. He also learns Javanese. 

Description : 
 Sule is very unique. His hair is long with brown and yellow color. He has oval face, flat nose and slanting eyes. People know Sule as a ridiculous man and full of jokes. He is very funny. His joke makes everyone smiling even belly laughing. Sule plays in several TV shows such as Opera Van Java (OVJ), Awas Ada Sule, PAS Mantab, and Saung Sule. He also can sing very well. He has very famous song entitled Susis (Suami Sieun Istri). 

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The Assignment!

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